If you're looking for small gift ideas this season we have a variety of fun items and accessories under $50.  Check out some of our faves below:
Glass Water Bottles 
Inspired by warrior women crisscrossing the globe in the name of fashion, slinking around London in trusty pink ballet flats, wearing them until they look like dirty Band-Aids, a Rossini-centric soundtrack in a store where everyone speaks with French accents, hair pulled back fresh and clean off the face, a sheer blouse with elbow-length sleeves and rose gold buttons.  This Dishwasher safe glass water bottle has a silicone covering to protect the glass.
These fun satin headbands from the UK are the perfect balance of playful, stylish and practical!
From a St. Pete company comes the Cinch.  Reinvent the way you tie and knot your sweaters and t-shirts with the Cinch.  There are multiple designs to choose from!  
Necklaces and Earrings
We have several artisan necklaces and earrings that make the perfect gift.  We have several different statement aesthetics, and the best part is you know they will always fit!
Fun Socks
We've got a great selection of fun socks that match the personality of your recipient.  Best of luck with all the gift giving and enjoy the holidays!