You've been invited to a dressier event or party that's near water, and some people are bringing swimsuits. What to do?

We relish in the chance to make a style statement, no matter the occasion.  So when we started to curate some swim and resort looks, we were looking for unique and special pieces.  Something that we could float in between different dress codes but still feel well put together. 

Style Inspiration: Going from poolside to dinner party

Here we have a collection of swimsuits that look amazing on their own.  But when they're paired with a matching piece, when you wear the swimsuit as a bodysuit or top with a matching looks like you dressed up for the occasion.  Don't get us wrong...we like vacations where we can just throw on a coverup and a hat to dinner, but sometimes the day will take you to a fancier event than you expected.  Here are some examples. 

(Photos) : The Reconquista swimsuit, the reconquista top and skirt set, the swimsuit paired with the skirt.  

The materials are made from recycled PET bottles and are water friendly.  So whether you're on a boat, oceanside, or at a dressed up pool party you easily transfrom your outfit to match the occasion.

(Photos): Malaga Print Bikini and Malaga Top and Skirt Set.  The top and set are also made from a swim friendly textile just like the bikini so you can mix and match different looks as you see fit.  

(Photos): Andaluz Bikini and the Andaluz Skirt worn with the Bikini top.  You can see how the top and skirt together looks like an elegant outfit ready for a dressed up event.