New Cute Tops For Summer

Written by: z•aa style team



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It's tough to find cute tops that can still be comfortable during the Summer months

We've selected some of our favorite tops of the week.  One of the biggest things we hear is the struggle with trying to find cute tops to wear out when it's super hot outside. The struggle is stare at your closet and then you end up heading out of the house in your cutest athleisure (which is a must some days!)  See below for some outfit inspiration.

Fun Linen Tops

Linen tops are a great way to wear long sleeves without dying of heat.  Below we have one of our favorite new pieces, it's got the silhouette of your favorite denim jacket, but constructed in a super light linen.  So those times when you need a little something to layer on and off when you go inside and the AC is freezing you out, it comes in for the win.

Wearing it unbuttoned like you would with a button down shirt...incorporating different light tops underneath is super cute.  

Cropped and Fun

Elevated Tees

Sleeveless and Tanks