Is it art or is it fashion?  One of our most talked about pieces has been our Uli necklaces.  They are such a unique and statement accessory.  They're often the centerpiece of compliments, inquisitive stares, and conversation starters.  Uli, who is the designer behind the pieces, blends her sophisticated aesthetic with unique textiles and screen printing technology.  

New to the studio is the Uli bracelet that can also be worn as a choker.  You can see the model with the bracelet on below.  

Uli Chains Re necklace: $250
Uli Pearl Chains Bracelet: $98

The Necklaces also come in shorter lengths, here is a Purple and Neon combination.

Uli Juicy Pearl Petite:  $295

The pieces are versatile, you can dress them up or down.  See a street style shots below.  And they’re reversible... so you have two necklaces in one!  



Due to the nature of the materials they can even be worn with a bathing suit in the pool or ocean.  How cool is that?  You just need to remember to follow the designer's advice on rinsing and cleaning right after.  

Here is a video from the designer showing the different looks you can acheive by layering different pieces on top of each other.   We have several different necklaces and bracelets  online or at the studio in Downtown St. Petersburg, let us know if you have any questions and be sure to tag us when you wear your new Uli out and about!