The first few styles of our Summer shoe collection are in.  We have a mix of sandals, chunky heels meant to work with multiple warm weather outfits. We love flip flops as much as the next girl, but a slight tweak in your footwear can elevate your entire look.  Here are some of the first few styles in:

Metallic Knot Sandal - $135

What We Love:
The contrast of natural sole with the pop of metallic color dresses up your outfit but still feels super comfy

 Orange Braid Heel - $179

Goes Great With:
Denim, maxi dresses, and just an around great shoe for the season.  We love the natural raffia look.  

Animal Print Jewel Heel - $189

Goes Great With:
Any shorts, mini skirts and denim.  We love the pop of neon color and the vibrancy of the stones combined with the leopard detail.  This is a perfect shoe with the hint of animal print to play with a bit of print clash in your outfit.  
Yellow Leather Chunky Heel
Goes Great With:
Everything it seems.  You won't believe how this color goes with certain red tones.  The chunky heel is really on trend and extremely comfortable. 
Goes Great With:
Any typical summer outfit, these vibrant colors are some of our favorites.  These are perfect for walkability of St. Pete.  Switch your flip flops for these and instantly elevate the look.    
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