We had an amazing time at our Spring Trunk Show, dressing up and styling our Uli necklaces with the founder and designer herself, Uli Rapp.

What is that? Is That a Necklace? Collar? Part of the Dress? Is it Metal?

These are the types of questions you'll hear constantly as you wear an Uli piece out.  So we'll start by explaining a little bit about the piece and process to make them.

The Uli collection is designed and produced in the heart of Amsterdam using computers, screen printing and screen workshop as well as different machines to apply the medical material, the metal foils and melt all layers to the final pieces.  The small team creates truly different and versatile pieces of body ornaments that look like jewelry but feel so soft, light and comfortable as your favorite loungewear.

All pieces are skilfully handmade in screen print on light weight soft materials. The combination of a contemporary artist’s tools with the hint of past splendour makes for tintillating jewelry.  The material all pieces are made from was invented by Uli, handcrafted in their studio from on the spot screen printed, cotton fabric, coated with medical plastic with a back of colored lycra. All pieces are reversible.

(Photos L-R): Liza owner of z•aa dress up studio with Uli Rapp, Uli showcasing a set of layered pieces, Sloan from Uli's team with Uli,)

Photos: Marcus Oania

Photos and Style Inspo From The Trunk Show

Photos: Marcus Oania

Uli Rapp made her second visit to St. Pete from Amsterdam, to host the Spring Trunk Show at z•aa dress up studio on March 16th. She unveiled some of her latest collections and styles, getting to know some of the fabulous women who attended the event.  Uli was able to share some of her creative and business journey with us, while give us some ideas on how to play with the necklace colors, layering pieces and pairing with types of outfits.

Newer Styles We Wanted To Spotlight

The Rome:  A shorter necklace with a different shape, it frames your neckline in a glamorous way.  Here you can see it paired with (2) 'Uli Chains 7' necklaces.  One in pink and one in lavender.

The Florence Pearls Necklace:  A medium lenght, featuring more various pearl shapes from prominent to medium.  A fun piece to really stand out with multiple colors and metallic finishes.

The San Juan Pearl Chains: A playful medium length necklace that incorporates both pearls and chains in a playful silhouette using a variety of colors and metallic finishes.