Blending Real Women with Fashion Inspiration: The Customer Lookbook

Every year we gather a group of real customers for a fashionable photoshoot. Customers opt in and once we confirm who's going to model, we spend weeks planning and brainstorming with teams from hair, makeup, and styling. We work with the customers on fittings and finding the right pieces to represent both the new clothing collections and the model. The day is filled with all the fun craziness of a typical photoshoot. Spending hours in hair and makeup getting glammed up, drinking champagne in the green room, and then venturing out on location to play in front of the camera. It's a really fun experience if you love to dress up and hang out with women who are fans of fashion. If you'd ever like to participate, make sure you're part of our email list. (you can sign up at bottom of this page) We usually send out the request for models in Aug/Sept.

A Collection of Past Customer Lookbooks