New Shoe Styles in November

Written by: z•aa style team



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Some of our favorite new shoes this week:

We're excited about some of the new shoes in for Fall and Winter.  We have new boots and booties, and some fun sandals and loafers with pops of metallic colors.

Boots and Booties

Here you can see from our Sidewalk Fashion show, we paired the metallic boots with a suede mini skirt and a long sleeve shirt.  

photos by Julia Chew

This black fringe bootie went well with this dressy romper .  You can see how fun the fringe creates with the movement.  

Photo by Julia Chew

Hot Pink Sandals and Loafers

These shoes are perfect when you're looking to wear something flat, but you don't want the shoes to bring the outfit down.  With the metallic details and the bright pop of color, they can still elevate the look while walking around in a comfortable shoe.